Hiraeth By Kristin Khadija Mahmoud You’re a corridor of rooms I barely remember A patchwork of places I’ve been A once roaring fire turned to smoldering embers But the shadows of the past won’t let me in Into the childhood of laughter and joy Where you are a house with two parents Before the house... Continue Reading →

I Want To Eat My Words

Image: Pixabay By Kristin Khadija Mahmoud I want to eat my words Shove them down so hard They’ll be seared into me Like a brand on the skin I’ll swallows these syllables Like venom from a viper As it drips down my throat I’ll seal these lips With a course, crimson thread Stop these lies... Continue Reading →

How I Lost My Inspiration and How I Got It Back

Image: https://thefoodpoet.com/20-ways-combat-poetry-writers-block/ Maintaining the inspired, hands-can't-keep-up-with-your-brain writing is hard.  Impossible sometimes. You stare at the page trying to figure out how to even start.  You’ve written several different paragraphs just to scratch them out or delete them. Is this what people call writer's block? A lack of motivation and inspiration were things I had never... Continue Reading →


Tangled I am the shattered glass The broken outline of a forgotten past Jagged pieces slashing holes In each of my starring roles. I’m not a melody to be played But I’ll sing the chorus, stand in the parade Held together by thin stitches My wails of sorrow drowned out by ascending pitches A marionette... Continue Reading →

I was quiet, but I was not blind

Written by Kristin Khadija Mahmoud; First and last line by Jane Austen I took what was yours and made it mine I watched, writing out each line Careful to prune for the perfect wine Waiting for your secrets to unwind With patience the story grew From infancy to clashing hues This silence is my refuge... Continue Reading →

Under Construction

This is a brand new blog and I am learning my way around it. Please pardon the mess and let me know if you've got any tricks to make it easier for you to navigate! I want you to keep coming back and exploring my work as well as the exciting things I will be... Continue Reading →

The Journey Begins

1, 2, 3 Attempts? Who's Counting? I have attempted to start a blog several times.  This is just one of those attempts. Sink or swim. I am always in awe of incredibly talented and creative people and I often wonder how I can become like them.  I made a video for a history class and... Continue Reading →

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