I Want To Eat My Words

Image: Pixabay

By Kristin Khadija Mahmoud

I want to eat my words

Shove them down so hard

They’ll be seared into me

Like a brand on the skin

I’ll swallows these syllables

Like venom from a viper

As it drips down my throat

I’ll seal these lips

With a course, crimson thread

Stop these lies

From filling my head.

What a divine feast!

I dine on the flesh

I cut up with words.

I want to grab the words

Flying out of my mouth

And stuff them back into that box

Where cords will no longer sing

I want to eat my words

And fill my belly with

The things I should never have said

I’ll be a glutton and devour

the regrets petering on my tongue

And make sure they never get out

If only I could eat my words

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