I was quiet, but I was not blind

Written by Kristin Khadija Mahmoud; First and last line by Jane Austen

I took what was yours and made it mine

I watched, writing out each line

Careful to prune for the perfect wine

Waiting for your secrets to unwind

With patience the story grew

From infancy to clashing hues

This silence is my refuge

Where you’re the hero people choose

A medley of thoughts that cook in a stew

I’ll pull down this latch

Just to hear the subtle scratch

Of the nursery where my stories hatch

As I overcame the rough patch

Your stories light up like a match

Indeed, I was too quiet

Did that ruin your steady diet

Of words? Now, you’re disquiet

Though I try to fight it

I think I’ll call you Mr. Wyatt

At the bottom I will have signed

A promise not to be unkind

I can’t stay trapped in my own mind

The words will help you find

That I was quiet, but I was not blind

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