Space, Imagination, and Mortality

By Kristin Khadija Mahmoud When I was a girl, I used to think about the vastness of space.  My head would hurt as I tried to visualize how big it could be. Where was it going if it was expanding outwards?  What lay beyond it? Was it a blank, white canvass that was slowly being... Continue Reading →

Writing is hard

By Kristin Khadija Mahmoud Writing is hard.  The hardest. You’ve spent hours staring at the screen and there is barely anything written. You go days and maybe write a sentence and that sentence doesn’t look like much.  There is no avalanche of ideas bursting forth, eager to get onto paper before they fly away.  What... Continue Reading →

My mother would kick my ass

By Kristin Khadija Mahmoud If my mother were alive She’d kick my ass She’d kick it so hard for my terrible jokes For the terrible stories And poems about her — well The one about food painting a mural on her shirt She’d kick my ass for giving up my dog And for fighting with... Continue Reading →


DivinityBy Kristin Khadija Mahmoud Do not press your Conduct on such a Wild Heart. Do not attempt to Tame that which cannot be controlled. Do not attempt to Take that which has never been yours. Love not what does not Wish to be an Object of the lust instilled deep within. Let not your Fickle... Continue Reading →

Sun-dried tomato sauce

By Kristin Khadija Mahmoud Pasta covered in sun dried tomato sauce Moved like a worm, wriggling free from a hook To land with Jackson Pollock perfection on my mother’s Blouse. Splat! Drops large enough to drown a colony of ants Rains down on the clean fabric of my mother’s Bosom. I howl at the moon... Continue Reading →

Fanfiction: The Dirty Word

Image from By Kristin Khadija Mahmoud What is Fanfiction and why is it a dirty word? Fanfiction is fan made literature that comprises pretty much anything a person is a fan of like movies, books, celebrities, games, mythology, the list is probably endless.  Fanfiction has been around for a long time. The idea of... Continue Reading →

How I Lost My Inspiration and How I Got It Back

Image: Maintaining the inspired, hands-can't-keep-up-with-your-brain writing is hard.  Impossible sometimes. You stare at the page trying to figure out how to even start.  You’ve written several different paragraphs just to scratch them out or delete them. Is this what people call writer's block? A lack of motivation and inspiration were things I had never... Continue Reading →


Tangled I am the shattered glass The broken outline of a forgotten past Jagged pieces slashing holes In each of my starring roles. I’m not a melody to be played But I’ll sing the chorus, stand in the parade Held together by thin stitches My wails of sorrow drowned out by ascending pitches A marionette... Continue Reading →

I was quiet, but I was not blind

Written by Kristin Khadija Mahmoud; First and last line by Jane Austen I took what was yours and made it mine I watched, writing out each line Careful to prune for the perfect wine Waiting for your secrets to unwind With patience the story grew From infancy to clashing hues This silence is my refuge... Continue Reading →

The Journey Begins

1, 2, 3 Attempts? Who's Counting? I have attempted to start a blog several times.  This is just one of those attempts. Sink or swim. I am always in awe of incredibly talented and creative people and I often wonder how I can become like them.  I made a video for a history class and... Continue Reading →

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