Shhh, I Have Some Secrets

By Kristin Khadija Mahmoud

I have a few secrets as a writer.  Those who know probably don’t care and there aren’t many of them anyway.  As a writer is always good to have a few secrets, keep a card or two up your sleeve.

I’m writing a dirty novel

It is in the works and is far from ready, but I decided to write a romance/erotica novel.  Why? It is hard to find decent erotic or romance novels; the one I am reading now misspelled her main character’s name and used the phrase “butt trumpet” to describe a fart. 

Erotic novels aren’t bad, they function the same as any other novel: they offer an escape plus benefits.

Not your cup of tea?

I’m also working on a fantasy novel (well, a series)

I’ve been working on my fantasy novel since I was eleven.  You read that right. The Lord of the Rings resonated with me unlike anything else and I had a story burning within me.  I am past the halfway mark on it but it has been the hardest thing I’ve ever worked on.  

I burn down a city and introduce some characters to a creepy and mysterious abandon dwarf mine which features ghosts.  I have a general idea of how the first book will end, but getting the characters to that point has been a challenge.

I have built a chess game— nay, several games, and I am trying to move all of the pieces into place.  It is mind-boggling. Also, I created a map with an island the shape of a bird.

I submitted the worst short story ever to a competition

Image result for creepy dolls

No, there is no award that I can find for this position, I gave it to myself.  I submitted a three-page horror story thinking it was gold. My aunt read it and told me it was boring.  Boring! The thing a writer never wants to hear. Long story short, three pages went to eleven, it wasn’t boring, and I had a story rather than three pages of me talking at my reader.

So far it has been called “chilling” and “messed up”, I take these as compliments.  It is currently entered into a writing competition so be sure to stop by for the results and maybe a posting of the first page. 

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